Zen Jock Strap (Nautical Green Stripe)

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NEW PRODUCT (January 2015)

With our new custom-designed super-soft waistband and premium Modal custom fabric, this is the perfect underwear jock strap for layering under your favorite 4-rth YogaShorts!!

made in Los Angeles, CA. Undoubtedly the softest & most comfortable jock strap, coming to you with slick contours, & virtually ZERO fabric bunching thanks to a luxury fabric density that holds & stretches wherever called upon. Modal is from Beech wood that is sustainably farmed. Softer than cotton with 50% more moisture wicking & 1/20th the eco-impact! Careful, you might not want to remove these!

MODEL: 6'1, 165lbs. Size: M. 

  NOTE: Underwear items are NON-returnable by CA-state law!

Size Waist
Small 28-30"
Medium 30-32"
Large 32-34"

Customer Reviews

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Too Small, Scratchy Tag

I have never worn a jock strap before but thought that it would provide support under bike shorts during yoga. I got the small size to fit my waist, but the front panel provides too little coverage and support. Without going into the graphic details, it's just not an appropriate size for me.

In addition, while the fabric is quite soft, the stitching on the back tag was some of the most uncomfortable stitching I have ever felt. I took it out after one use.

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