Mens Long Joggers

Crafted by hand in Los Angeles, California, USA. 4-rth Lifestyle's comfortable Long Men's Cuffed Yoga Pants are cuffed at the ankle. Relaxed fitting and tailored with multiple panels of rib fabric in pivotal areas to allow for maximum movement & flexibility during exercise & strenuous sport. Custom-milled organic fabric made in LA creates sustainable living. 

For runners, it's nice to know your legs will stay warm while running. As this helps prevent injury & sore muscles.

For hiking & climbing, it's important that your chins & knees do not get scuffed up or scratched. Long Cuffed pants help prevent that from happening! Plus they stay in place regardless of your headstands or inversions.

For lounging or running errands, our long cuffed pants are super cozy for hanging out or heading out.

4-rth Long Cuffed pants are Perfect 4 athletic activities: Yoga, camping, tennis, lounging, hiking, climbing, the gym & running errands in style!