• Doug had a career in private banking but wasn’t satisfied with the challenge of shuffling and managing the funds of wealthy clients. With a passion for environmental awareness, he sought to make a difference. In addition to becoming a member of the Natural Resources Defense Council (www.NRDC.org), he also bequested to have his eventual estate left to this organization (+Greenpeace & WWF) so that they could continue the legendary work they are immersed in – nothing other than saving the planet from profit-driven corporations & governments that worship at the altar of economic growth without regard to ecological impact. 

    Doug believes that consumption is fine – as long as it’s done in a sustainable manner that is fair to the planet. His current pursuit: to make the clothing industry accountable for its fabric choices and construction processes. He knows the more successful 4-rth becomes, the more influence it will yield. Additionally, he drives an electric vehicle, has 100% solar roof at home, and is adamant about consuming less energy, recycling, and constantly coaching his friends about their own habits and the resulting impact!

  • Of paramount importance is our commitment to making 100% of our product in Los Angeles, California . Sure, it may cost a lot more to manufacture in the USA, but we believe you value this as much as we do! Most brands of the world are sadly "me too" -- made in Asia at the lowest possible cost by exploiting 3rd world countries for the cheapest labor possible & the lowest regard for the environment. Personally, I find this unacceptable. For these reasons, we do not "wholesale" our product to retailers, avoiding an artificial layer of "mark up", bringing our product straight to our clients via direct sale at the lowest price possible.


    Check out the following videos I shot -- providing a tour of our Fabric Suppliers manufacturing facility in Southeast LA, and our knitting workshop right in the middle of the iconic "fashion district" in downtown Los Angeles!


    Our custom fabric is made-to-order then delivered to our team's workshop in the fashion district -- from there it is cut, sewn, and hand-constructed to the highest-quality American-made garments you can order & wear today!


    In 2018, we are looking to set up a similar "local" manufacturing structure for our widening European clientele. And quite possibly down under as well -- in Australia!


    Have a look!! And thank you for checking us out!! 


  •  "If an economy is to sustain progress, it must satisfy the basic principles of ecology." - Lester Brown.

    4-rth has a simple mission: to combine the most comfortable and durable eco-friendly fabrics with unique design for superior fit and style. Strategically forward-focused in its thinking, 4-rth intends to become a full-fledged “lifestyle” brand that will bring an innovative selection of yoga clothing (and select items) added for their ability to continuously round out the line and bring value to the end user – 4-rth’s loyal clientele – who understand, appreciate, and live a sustainable lifestyle. Proudly made in Los Angeles, California. 100% American-made!

    4-rth has a focus on developing a broad and vibrant color palette for our apparel that remains constant yet growing in scope. We do NOT chase clothing "fads" that are in the moment. We do not produce items for "seasonal" gains. Our priority is on highly functional garments of the highest quality.

  • Emerging mainstream stars and governments around the world have brought about a continuously growing awareness for organic food, renewable energy, sustainable farming, and eco-friendly products.

      Capitalizing on a movement that gains steam each passing moment, 4-rth will bring forth a line that is 100% committed to eco-friendly and organically grown fabrics such as Modal. Perfect for performing Yoga & Pilates, Modal is a highly sustainable product made from Beech Wood chips derived from the Birch Tree. The trees are sustainably farmed. The manufacturing process is "closed-loop" meaning there is little to no waste. The eco-impact of this fabric is just 1/20th that of Cotton (including Organic Cotton). Tencel is derived from Eucalyptus that is also sustainably farmed. Like Bamboo, both trees absorb enormous amounts of greenhouse gases while giving off oxygen -- making them environmentally sound choices.

    Unlike cotton, ProModal has a cellulosic structure and is the combination of Modal and Tencel (from the Birch & Eucalyptus Trees respectively), which wicks 50% more moisture than cotton providing excellent moisture transportation, outstanding regulation of the body climate and exceptional skin friendliness. ProModal also has natural stretch properties and is incredible for athletic & sports activities like Yoga & Pilates.

  • Farmers use over 10 billion pounds of pesticides per year that are 10 to 100 times more potent than formulations of 20 yrs ago. California alone uses over 200 million pounds annually. The World Health Organization estimates as many as 20,000 deaths and 3 million chronic health problems are caused by poisoning related to agricultural pesticides globally each year. Conventional farming of cotton uses more chemicals per acre than any other crop & the run off enters the water table we all share. Conventional clothing is killing our habitat: the textile industry is the 2nd most polluting on Earth, after petro. One commercial cotton t-shirt requires 2 pounds of toxic pesticides applied to the ground. Cotton represents 5% of the world's farm land yet 25% of its pesticide use. The best way to avoid having our clothing contribute to this ecological devastation is to choose clothes that encourage farmers to transfer more acreage every year to organic/sustainable methods and crops.