Mens Dress Pants

Made by hand in Los Angeles, California, USA. 4-rth sustainable lifestyle puts forth our refined & classy Dress Pants that have a center seam down the front of the leg. Relaxed yet form-fitting waistband with a touch of elastic for control. Super comfortable and cozy for a night on the town -- these are tailored dress pants that you could even do a work-out in.

Custom-milled organic fabric made in LA creates sustainable living. 

When traveling, many types of attire can be restrictive and down-right aggravating to wear while sitting for long periods. These Dress pants are sleekly styled, fashion forward, yet stunningly comfortable to wear for even the longest travel days -- international and multi-stage flights.

For casual work environments or "casual Fridays", for lounging or running errands, our Dress Pant yoga pants are super appropriate for hanging out or heading out.

Perfect 4 travel, planes, and casual-work environments. Also suitable for Yoga, the gym & running errands in fine style!