Mens Short Shorts

Made in Los Angeles, Socal. USA. Two distinct styles of athletic "short" shorts that fall mid-thigh. Transition shorts have front pockets & a 1" panel of rib fabric to allow for movement & flexibility. While the Fusion shorts are 100% rib fabric for ultra-flexibility.

For Yoga, you can be confident that our Transition Shorts will stay in place due to the form-fitting short length. You'll remain covered in various positions unlike basketball shorts that flail all over the place. 

For runners, who like to wear "short" shorts, you will feel like you are wearing next to nothing & can run a free spirited run in either style of these short shorts.

For tennis players, it's nice to know you can easily hold 2 tennis balls in either pocket of the Transition Short Shorts.

Perfect 4 athleisure wear: Yoga, calisthenics, biking, hiking, lounging, climbing, running, crossfit, the gym & running errands!