Cuffed Pants

Made in the USA (Los Angeles, Southern California). Our comfortable Men's Cuffed Pants are cuffed just below the knee. They have a Capri-style length for men. 4-rth's lifestyle clothing brings you versatile pants with natural stretch and sweat-wicking properties due to the organic characteristics of Modal fabric. Awesome fitting and well tailored to look great in class and on the transition -- on the go!

For Yoga, you can be confident that your pants will stay in place due to the cuffed bottoms. Meaning you'll stay covered during handstands, inversions, and other inverted positions. 

For runners, it's nice to know your knees will stay warm while running. As this prevents injury. For hiking & climbing, it's important that your knees do not get scuffed up. Cuffed pants help prevent that from happening!

For tennis, it's nice that the pockets are deep -- you can easily hold 2-3 tennis balls in either pocket!

Perfect 4 all sports: Yoga, pilates, tennis, running, hiking, camping, climbing, the gym & running errands in style!