Mens Capris

Made by hand in Los Angeles, California, America. Comfortable 4-rth lifestyle low-waist Capri Pants have a raw edge cuff that fall mid-calf. Form fit & tailored, these have panels of rib fabric in pivotal areas to allow for maximum movement & flexibility. Angled zipper-front pockets keep everything in place. Custom-milled organic fabric manufactured in LA for sustainable living. 

For runners, it's nice to know your legs will stay warm in Capri pants while running. As this helps prevent injury & sore muscles.

For hiking & climbing, it's important that your chins & knees do not get scuffed up or scratched. 4-rth men's Capri pants help prevent that from happening! Plus they stay in place for your expertly executed handstands and inversions.

For casual lounging or running errands, 4-rth mens Capri pants are super cozy for hanging out, or heading out.

4-rth Capris are ideal 4 the athleisure lifestyle: Yoga, athletics, sports, camping, tennis, hiking, lounging, rock-climbing, the gym & running errands in style!