Zen Jock Strap (Black)

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NEW PRODUCT (January 2015)

With our new custom-designed super-soft waistband and premium Modal custom fabric, this is the perfect underwear jock strap for layering under your favorite 4-rth YogaShorts!!

made in Los Angeles, CA. Undoubtedly the softest & most comfortable jock strap, coming to you with slick contours, & virtually ZERO fabric bunching thanks to a luxury fabric density that holds & stretches wherever called upon. Modal is from Beech wood that is sustainably farmed. Softer than cotton with 50% more moisture wicking & 1/20th the eco-impact! Careful, you might not want to remove these!

MODEL: 6'1, 165lbs. Size: M. 

 NOTE: Underwear items are NON-returnable by CA-state law!

Size Waist
Small 28-30"
Medium 30-32"
Large 32-34"

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