Ultra Flex Yoga Track & Yoga Sweat Pant (CHARCOAL w/Black & Royal)

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Work from home? This NEW pant really is EVERYTHING! <3

100% Made in Los Angeles, California!

While nearly identical to the Eco-Track sweatpant, this tri-color Ultra-Flex pant has an additional section of piping that runs uninterrupted up the inner leg & through the crotch and back down the other side!! This provides really amazing flexibility for those of you who can hit every pose -- including the foot behind your head ;). 

This light-weight Modal fabric (Birch-tree fiber) mens yoga pant is perfect for all climates & will be your favorite track pant, ever! Many report "never taking them off."

Absolutely ideal for Yoga, lounging & running errands! Flex waist band with 1/2" tubular draw cord. 2x1 RIB piping from side of the pant to top of the rear provides amazing stability & flexibility during rigorous activity. Long yet easy to alter length. (see Size Chart tab above for detailed measurements).

SIZING GUIDANCE: For Small you could be up to about 5'11 without them being too short (32" Inseam). With drawcord you could be quite slim and they should still look good on you. For the normal, athletic build, you would achieve the model-type look if you are around 5'9 & 150lbs (S) or 6'1 & 175lbs (M) or 6'3 & 190lbs (L).  If you have a heavier build or want a more "relaxed" fit, then go one size UP! 

MODEL: 6'0, 170lbs, size: M. (34" Inseam).

Customer Reviews

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Good product

Good product, comfy but uncharacteristically not too sexy at all, but def comfy

~ Minneapolis, MN

Cris A.
Everything fits PERFECTLY

Hey, just wanna say thanks for doing the custom length at no charge. Everything fits PERFECTLY and I'm having a blast pulling yoga shenanigans at work in my yoga dress pants. Also, the heavier fleece pants feel amazing!

~ Huntsville, AL

Michael L.
The best workout pants ever!

The best workout pants ever! From yoga to running to stretching and lifting, or just laying around the house. Comfortable as hell and they make your ass look great. Good price and they're even made in the USA. Perfect.

~ Hollywood, CA

Gary J.
Excellent service.

Received 2 days quicker than initially shown! Excellent service.

~San Diego, CA

Brian C.
your shit is amazing

Here goes: your shit is amazing. I love these pants and may never take them off. Seriously though. Great product. So very comfortable. They look great. I bragged to my wife about how happy I was with your stuff. She tried on my stuff and promptly ordered a couple pairs herself.
You have life long fans in Minneapolis. I'll spread the word.

As the founder, I want to thank you for founding this company and your products. Well done sir. I hope you enjoy tremendous success with your company. Knock the shit out of your competition and keep making cool stuff. 😜

Best wishes.

~ Burnsville, MN

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