Tactical Urban at Home Dress Pant Yoga Pant (Black)

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Personally, this NEW pant is my favorite product ever -- I'm wearing the original samples everywhere and ALL the time!! They are just incredibly comfortable while being form-fitting, straight-leg pants. I constantly wear them for going out on the town as well -- shopping, errands, movies, dinners, etc. #1 pant for flights & travel!! You'll forget you have anything on!

These are Form + Fit + Function + Fashion + Funnnn!!

This pant is your CLASSIC straight-leg pant but with meticulous attention to the cut. We use our same dreamy soft Modal fabric used throughout our line which means they're still perfect for Yoga & pilates, yet if you want you could go straight to lunch in style. Similar apparel at Bloomingdale's is priced well over $100...this is why we do not "retail" our product -- choosing instead to be "direct" to our client and keeping our LA-made product at the lowest price possible!


~ pleated front = style: from a short distance these could be easily mistaken for dress slacks, thus the name! ;)

~ 6.5" DEEP front pockets that are sewn on top of the garment so they do not "float" inside; with functional deep Coin pocket for your lip balm, keys, etc.

~ zipper & 2-button closure. LA-curated, chic, over-sized buttons -- the 2nd button keeps the zipper lapel from flaring outwards. 

~ this fabric has enough stretch that you can actually pull the front down to use the urinal WITHOUT having to unbutton/unzip -- i know this is a silly detail -- but one of my favorite features! :). 

~ soft, elasticized waistband will grip snug yet hardly be felt. NO BELT LOOPS - no belt needed here!

~ short, square pockets on the back are more for aesthetic reasons and round out the fashionable look of these pants. best to keep valuables in the front pockets!

THE FIT.....

These are definitely meant to be FORM-fitting! In a relaxed state the waistband is 28" on the Medium -- and as a general guideline, the MEDIUM would have a form-fitting (model-like) look for someone in the 6' height range if they weighed between 165-175 pounds. Please go UP one size for more relaxed look or heavier builds!

Model: 170lbs, 6'1, size: M.

Size Waist Inseam (Crotch to Floor)
Small 26-29" 32"
Medium 29-32" 33"
Large 33-36" 34"
X-Large 36-38" 35"

Customer Reviews

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Comfortably snug but not tight. Light, breathable, and stretchable. Can be dressed up or dressed down. The pants highlight the natural contours of the body and make one’s legs and butt pop. The pants wash and dry effortlessly, and roll up into a tight bundle for traveling. A truly stunning product, which is why I’m obsessed!!

Jason Underhill

Soft, stretchy, classy, warm, look amazing, wear well, (I have 4 pairs now). Love love love this fabric. Love how they hang dry without any wrinkles at all!

great pants

Are they a yoga pant? A dress pant? They're somewhere in between and so comfortable for it. For dress pants they're flexible and pretty form fitting with how they taper (first day I wore them one of my coworkers was like "damn your calves pop in those"), so don't expect a tradition straight leg casual dress look. Had a minor issue with the stitching on one of the back pockets coming undone on my pair, but five minutes with a needle and thread and I had it fixed.

Ahmad K.
Thank you so much for a great customer experience!


Thank you so much for a great customer experience! The new products are extremely good and the urban pants is on a scale of its own! What a design!!!
I’ll be back for more soon.

Thank you!

~ Stafford, VA

Jeff P.
Thank you for helping me to feel great

Hello Cesar and Doug!

I have already worn the replacement gray and black pants and love them. I’m 54 and have always been overweight until the last couple of years when I found nutrition and yoga. In all my adult years I have never worn a small until NOW. Thank you for helping me feel great about my new body in your amazing clothing.

Thank you again.


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