Tri-color Ultra-flex Yoga Short (Green w/Black & White)

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Our ultra-flex tri-color short has 2x1 RIB piping from the outside leg above the rear-end -- providing exceptional flexibility while bending over. While 2x1 RIB piping also extends along the inner thigh UNINTERRUPTED from one side to the other - providing outrageous flexibility during stretching or kicking or high-performance running! A nifty "inside" pocket for your cash, lip balm, or key!

Perfect for all sports including Soccer, Yoga, Pilates, Tennis & Rock Climbing.

SIZING: For size Small you could be up to about 5'10 with them still coming to the Knee. They have a 12" inseam. With drawcord you could be quite slim (26-27" waist) and they should still look good on you. For the normal, athletic build, you would achieve the "model-type" look if you are 5'8 & 145lbs or 5'10 & 155lbs in size Small. If you have a heavier build or want a more "relaxed" fit, then go one size UP.

MODEL: 6'2. 175lbs. Size: M.

Customer Reviews

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Rob G.
Yay thanks so much

Yay thanks so much. At this point I may be your top customer for shorts... I originally got a blue pair back in 2015? for crossfit and found them to be so comfortable I wear them all the time around the house. And they've been so durable I still have that first pair, and another 8.

Thanks again,
Rob Gibson

~ Bothell, WA

Jason J.
We plan to continue supporting this excellent business.

My partner, Jason, and I are regular customers. We have never been disappointed with 4-rth's products or customer service. While the clothing is more expensive than some you can get elsewhere, the material is comfortable and durable while the fashions are clean cut and well-designed. My partner tends to wear out his clothing rather quickly, but none of 4-rth's products we have purchased thus far have deteriorated in the slightest. I, myself, have a difficult time finding cloths that both fit and are comfortable; I have not had a problem satisfying both desires with 4-rth products.

Furthermore, the products are sustainably produced in the USA. Thus, for us the benefits of 4-rth's business model and products outweigh the moderate cost. We plan to continue supporting this excellent business.

~Jacksonville, FL

T. Gibbs & K. Gibbs
clothes last forever

I've been doing business with 4-rth for FOUR years. Comfy clothes, great customer service, and the clothes last forever.

~ Austin, TX

P. Roane
Best service all around.

Best service all around. Quick on shipment and delivery, diligent, and very courteous. I love service like this.

~ Houston, TX

E. McCoy
love these!

I love these shorts! They are so comfortable and I still have the first pair I bought 4 years ago, they really last. I use them for CrossFit, not yoga, so maybe that could be another selling point? I don't know, just a thought! Thanks for making organic, sustainable clothing affordable!

~ Santa Cruz, CA

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