Smart Ways to Update your Yoga Practice during Pandemic

Learning yoga — whether you’re mastering a new pose or just trying it out for the first time — can be every bit as challenging as it is rewarding.  

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Consider Finding a Knowledgeable Teacher

In fact, those who regularly practice it will likely tell you that there are few activities that better promote wellness in both the mind and the body. Not only is yoga a perfect way to keep yourself lean and toned, but it’s also one of the best ways to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness and meditation are especially helpful for people with mental health conditions and those who experience high levels of stress at work.

Look online and see if you can find an accomplished teacher who provides detailed, easy-to-follow instructional videos that can help you polish your current skills, as well as learn some new ones. A well-trained teacher can help you make sure that your technique is exactly as it should be, and can even help you with poses that might be tailor-made for addressing some of your body’s issues.

You can also check out online reviews and see if you can find a local yoga studio that feels like a good fit. Most offer new member deals or discounts, making this an affordable way to connect with a great teacher. Asking a friend if they know someone they trust is another great way to find a reliable recommendation. Whether you wind up joining a class or taking one-on-one lessons, the ideal yoga teacher will have you feeling excited about learning new abilities!

Always Set and Work Toward a Goal

Yoga, to a certain degree, requires a bit of courage. The physical and mental challenges that come along with mastering a new pose can be quite significant, and this applies whether you’re practicing alone or in a group. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone in your effort towards developing your skills even further. Then, once you’ve achieved your current goal, don’t be shy about setting the next one! Forward momentum is the name of the game when it comes to building your yoga skills.

One of the best ways to stay on top of this is by using your smartphone as a tool to help you monitor your goal progress. There are plenty of goal-setting apps that can help you keep track of the journey toward your next milestone so you never stop moving forward. Consider using an app like HabitBull, or Habitica, the latter of which adds a gamification element to the development of new habits and behaviors.

Find Affordable New Equipment

Another great way to invigorate your yoga practice is with new equipment. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to do this! Use a site like eBay to find equipment that’s been gently used, such as a yoga mat or yoga blocks. With so many great deals available, you can save a bundle on what might have been expensive if you had bought it brand new. And last but not least, make sure you use this equipment in a neat, tidy, organized area of your home! Not only will an organized yoga space help you avoid injury, it can also keep things calm and invoke positive energy when you’re in the zone.

It’s always important to remember that upgrading your yoga practice doesn’t have to be expensive. Use these suggested tools and technology, along with what you already own, to push yourself in the most healthy direction possible, which is especially important when dealing with the stress and anxiety surrounding COVID-19.

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