Best Yoga Pants for Men?!

We're thrilled to announce that Faveable -- in their assessment of the TOP men's yoga pants in the market -- have rated us, 4-rth, with TWO of the best pants in their TOP TEN list!! How exciting!!

4-rth focuses on Men's Yoga Clothing apparel. We have an ever-expanding palette of vibrant colors and dynamic cuts that are form-fit & functional. We are also 100% American-made in Los Angeles from sustainable fabrics with an eco-friendly sustainable mission.

While most brands have focused on Women's clothing, 4-rth has a distinctive focus on Men's cutting-edge apparel -- developing slick styles that simply don't exist in the market today. 

Coming SOON -- our new "dress pant" yoga pant that's gonna knock your socks off -- our favorite product launch ever!! 

PLUS: a new "PERFECT TEE" and "PERFECT TANK" -- get out!! it's coming next month!!


  • Belinda Powell

    Thanks for this, really a big help. Continue to share your unique ideas.

  • Evan

    Amazing pants. I can’t wait until my old clothes (not 4-rth) need replacing so I can get new 4-rth things.
    I’m so impressed on my pants.

  • Bill

    Love to go into the selling markets .

  • Thomas

    Great fit , excellent colors , and the feel of the material is perfect ! Keep up with the colors

  • Gus Lauer

    Just tried the new Men’s 4/5 Zipper Capri in an Ashtanga yoga class. They are the best pants for yoga I have used. I will also wear them for my teaching classes. I particularly liked the open leg bottoms. They will be an excellent all around pant.


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