4-rth "4" Japan

On 4/27/2011, 4-rth's founder Doug Donehoo donated several yoga clothing items for a silent auction to benefit Japan - which was recently devastated by a 9.0 Earthquake and ravaging tsunami & subsequent nuclear disaster. Having spent time in Japan, Doug felt personally connected to the devastation there & was delighted to use 4-rth's sustainable fashion '4' another good cause!

As it turns out, a good friend, Christine Devine of Fox 11 news in LA, was the winning bidder at tonight's benefit held at another good friends' restaurant -- Tiato in Santa Monica, CA. The donated items included 4-rth's newest track pants & hoodie which are made from the sustainable fabrics Modal & ProModal. These fabrics are also made in LA and the garments are constructed in LA of all domestic materials. The fabrics Modal & ProModal are considered eco-friendly because their sources are sustainably farmed and the fiber development is closed-loop meaning that there is minimal waste. The two primary wood sources are Beech Wood & Eucalyptus which have a very high yield and an eco-impact that is only 1/20th that of cotton.

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