HBO True Blood's Lauren Bowles & 4-rth Clothing

One of the Stars of HBO's hit series True Blood has requested the eco-friendly Yoga & Pilates clothing of 4-rth sustainable fashion. 4-rth is dedicated to awareness of the environment & the clothing industry's impact on it.

From the Stars' publicist:

"Lauren Bowles is an actress on HBO's hit series True Blood. Her character, Holly Cleary, is Bon Temps first resident witch and Merlotte's newest waitress. This is a big and exciting season for the witches of Bon Temps as it focuses on their face off with the vampires.

In addition to being a full time mother, wife and actress, Lauren is a yoga fanatic. Despite her busy lifestyle, she incorporates yoga into her everyday life by taking classes several times a week at three different studios in L.A."

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