Occupy Wall Street Hits LA

Check out this Video clip of me being interviewed -- about why I came to the kick off of the Occupy LAdemonstration on October 1st in downtown Los Angeles at City Hall. (I appear @ 2:43)


Occupy Wall St, which kicked off two weeks ago in Manhattan, NY, has grown substantially in prominence in short order. NYPD police brutality two weekends ago probably had some unintended benefits in that it garnered national media attention to what was initially a small group numbering in the hundreds. Now, major progressive minds like Michael Moore and Naomi Klein and celebrities like Susan Sarandon have gone down to Liberty Plaza to talk to the movement to show support & give encouragement.

Occupy LA, or Occupy Los Angeles, is an extension of this same group that is sweeping cities all across America, capturing a firestorm of unrest derived from high unemployment and a realization that the corruption of money in politics has rigged the entire system in favor "of the 1%, for the 1% and by the 1%." The 1% being the richest 1% of the country which has continued to accumulate a larger share of the nation's overall wealth and all of the income growth while the other 99% have been squeezed. 

4-rth is highly recommending the following web sites for further information & ways to get involved. The first one is even an easy way to sign an online petition to GET MONEY OUT of politics.




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