Yoga and Yogis in Portland

4-rth sustainable fashion has touched a cord with the Yoga community in Portland, Oregon.

As Yogi Roots founder, Gregory Jamiel, put it: "I (along with 3 friends - all of us are teachers, 2 guys & 2 girls) started a community yoga organization called Yogi Roots & our goal is to unite the large Portland Yoga community. We eventually will be offering scholarships to workshops & teacher trainings to deserving people. Our spirit of Seva is the main driving force of this site & we are off to a great start... I wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for your wonderful clothes! Over the past few years I have bought 5 pairs of your yoga shorts & love them more than any other pair of yoga shorts I own. I actually just ordered 2 more pairs last week!"

He continues: "Portland is obsessed with environmentally conscious companies & I think it would be a great audience for your clothes." Well, we couldn't agree more and will be proactively working with Greg and his organizations -- links below:

Greg pictured in 4-rth Eco-Track Shorts:

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