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4-rth Salutes Democracy Now!

December 15, 2014

Here @ 4-rth sustainable fashion, our Blog updates are not daily, as we choose to bring you highly relevant & focused content only.

This brings us to our latest update we want to bring to your attention, which is nothing less than, ourfavorite news source on the planet! It is PBS/NPR's Democracy Now! Most importantly, it is NOTsponsored by corporate America or any other for-profit seeking organizations who are trying to influence the content & ultimately the viewer. It is unfiltered intellectual commentary, interviews and powerful investigative journalism at its best. And the primary host, Amy Goodman, is a breath of fresh air from most broadcast journalists as much for her uncanny intellectual bravado as her simplistic "salt-of-the-earth" appearance. It airs daily for a full hour, uninterrupted by commericals. brings you their consistent analysis of climate change and news that impacts the environment. When they talk about the more than 1,000 people arrested in front of the White House who opposed the Keystone XL Pipeline, they also explore indepth the horrific production processes of the Canadian Tar Sands and the impact of the pipeline on local communities. This is news with depth, not just the "headlines" so often delivered by other news "sources."

Following are some additional links:!/democracynow

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