4-rth in Sunkist Orange

Celebrating Pantone’s announcement of Tangerine Tango as the “it” color for the year 2012, we at 4-rthsustainable fashion want to introduce Sunkist Orange as a full extension of our current collection.

Summer’s around the corner, and we want to make a splash with Sunkist Orange for menswear. Sunkist Orange is currently undergoing production in the men’s tanks, tees, hoodies, track pants, shorts, and thermals! It will be incorporated into the line as a basic color, and will be available in all of the styles listed above. We will also be bringing back the men’s Heather Gray track pant with Sunkist Orange piping. Get excited!!

Not to worry ladies, we have a new product out for you too :) 4-rth is in production for a cute new hoodie for women, the Fitted Slip-On Hoodie. It is super lightweight and comfortable, a perfect addition to your yoga & pilates wardrobe -- you can slip out of class and "slip-on" our light & breezy slip-on hoodie top!

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