4-rth Bamboo in the House

To all the 4-rth ladies out there, we have a new color exclusively just for you! We are so excited to introduce our newest color - Bamboo!

This will be an addition to the women’s Fitted Slip-On Hoodie, currently offered in just the Sand colorway. Together, these two eco-friendly colors will make a great pair in 4-rth’s sustainable fashion line for women. Easy to slip-on during or after your yoga or pilates workout to run your errands or otherwise trot about town in sustainable style!

In tandem with 4-rth’s sustainable practices, the Hoodie is made up of 100% Modal – an extremely eco-friendly fabric. Modal is a highly sustainable product made from Beech Wood chips derived from the Birch Tree. The cellulosic structure of Modal allows it to wick 50% more moisture than Cotton! This provides excellent moisture transportation, outstanding regulation of the body climate, and exceptional skin friendliness.

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