Chris Daughtry in 4-rth for Muscle & Fitness Magazine

4-rth is thrilled to announce that International Music sensation Chris Daughtry can soon be seen in a full 5-page spread in Muscle & Fitness Magazine wearing none other than his favorite American made clothes:4-rth organic clothing!!

Just take a look at the very cool set design used by the magazine to shoot Chris in a set that he told me took about "2 hours" to complete. In this particular picture, Chris can be seen in our vibrant Royal Blue Eco-Track Short. Chris loves them for the flexibility and range of motion that our ribbed 'piping' provides throughout the body of the short! The piping extends, uninterrupted, from the sides of the leg up and around the top of the rear in back -- an exciting innovation that we wish we could patent!! This piping technique is also used on our 12 different colors of Eco-Track Pant in addition to our 9 different colors of the Shorts -- which also come in two different body styles! The other style being the newly introduced Cuffed Yoga Pant which is quickly becoming one of our most popular items in our collection of american made clothes.


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