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Crosstrain Thermal Yoga Pant (Red & Grey Stripe)

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This light-weight Modal fabric (Birch-tree fiber) crosstrain thermal yoga pant is perfect for layering and/or wearing over your underwear (or 4-rth jock strap!) for Yoga or lounging.

Custom-designed super-soft waistband. Center seam in crotch has "denim"-style front stitching. NO fly-front. Ankle-length, with relaxed cuff at the bottom to stay in place during handstands! 

SIZING GUIDE: For Small you could be up to about 6'1 without them being too short. Super-soft, they have a relaxed fit & feel even though they are form-fitting. For the normal, athletic build, you would achieve the model-type look if you are 5'9 & 160lbs (S) or 6'1 & 170lbs (M). If you have a heavier build or want a more "relaxed" fit, then go one size UP! 

MODEL: 6', 165lbs, size: M. ("relaxed" fit)



Size Waist Inseam (Crotch to Floor)
Small 28-30" 31"
Medium 31-33" 32"
Large 34-36" 33"

eco friendly product certification
made with pro modal

Type: Mens Pants

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