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Doug Donehoo

Doug had a career in private banking but wasn’t satisfied with the mere challenge of shuffling and managing the funds of wealthy clients. With a passion for environmental awareness, he sought to make a difference. In addition to becoming a member of the Natural Resources Defense Council (, he also bequested to have his estate left to this organization so that they could continue the legendary work they are immersed in – nothing other than saving the planet from profit-driven corporations & governments that worship at the altar of economic growth without regard to ecological impact.

Doug believes that consumption is fine – as long as it’s done in a sustainable manner that is fair to the planet. His current pursuit: to make the clothing industry accountable for its fabric choices and construction processes. He knows the more successful 4-rth becomes, the more influence it will yield. Additionally, he drives a hybrid vehicle and is adamant about hyper-miling (soft starts and slower speeds), consuming less energy, recycling, and constantly coaching his friends about their own habits and the resulting impact!